The Good, The Bad, and The AI: A Comprehensive Look at Using ChatGPT in Digital Marketing

It’s simple to understand why ChatGPT has swept the digital marketing community by storm. Digital marketers, copywriters, web developers, and account managers are all interested in OpenAI’s newest chatbot product. ChatGPT can create responses to questions from customer support agents and even generate strategic suggestions. With a strong grasp of the complexities of tone of voice, it can also quickly produce AI-generated content.

What is ChatGPT?

Created by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that engages users in conversation. It is not just an AI developer or copywriter, though it is undoubtedly capable of doing both jobs. By giving a comprehensive response that is written in clear language, it rivals Google’s search capabilities. The process for using Google, on the other hand, entails entering a few keywords, reading the top results, and coming to your own conclusion.

Is ChatGPT a Better AI Copywriter Than Other Options Available?

It is, indeed. Contrary to previous AI copywriters, ChatGPT has access to a large amount of data and uses its accurate prediction of word relationships to transform it into sentences that people can understand. While ChatGPT is currently being used as an AI copywriter, it’s important to remember that it also serves other functions like idea generation and data collection.

Are there substitutes or a alternate tools?

ChatGPT is a helpful tool that can improve the content creation process, not a substitute for human creativity. Since there is a genuine risk of misinformation, a person must still verify the information’s accuracy. ChatGPT can produce quality content, but that does not automatically make someone a good writer. The use of humorous idioms, a genuine understanding of the reader’s situation, and allusions to popular culture and current events are all ways that a good writer engages and empathises with their audience.

Google’s Strike Against AI-Generated Content & Bard’s Surprising Launch

Google prefers useful content that is of a high calibre and engaging. The goal of almost every Google algorithm update is to provide users with more useful and relevant search results. Google has been penalising AI-generated content, though. The dominant search engine recently unveiled Bard, its AI-powered language model, with the goal of enhancing search results with more reliable and relevant content.


ChatGPT is a potent tool that can improve the process of creating content. It can be used to generate content with artificial intelligence, generate ideas, and gather data. It does not, however, take the place of human creativity since it is still necessary to verify the accuracy of the information and engage readers with humorous idioms and pop culture references. Google is highlighting the value of dependable, high-quality content with the introduction of Bard. As a result, ChatGPT should be used sparingly and in conjunction with human creativity.

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